At I Synergy, we do our best to make certain our business practices are in accord with the framework of promoting sustainability while upholding excellent standard of performance. We believe to achieve this it is crucial for us to strive for empowering and enhancing the experiences of all of our stakeholders.

With our Affiliates

I Synergy’s utilisation of affiliate marketing and the creation of the Affiliate Junction network encourage the participation of affiliates in business practices. This becomes the foundation for affiliates to foster their business acumen, effectively developing them to become entrepreneurs and being capable of sustaining themselves through participation in affiliate marketing.

With our Employees

We recognise that our employees are one of the key drivers in the success of our business which led to our internal corporate governance to revolve around the preservation of transparency, integrity and ethical conducts. We are also proactive in promoting a culture of an openness in communication between different levels of personnel to create an environment that promote creativity and innovation.

With the Economy

Our business solutions are developed from the ground up to promote growth of the local retail industry. Especially with one of our affiliate programs, the MyKad Smart Shopper Program, where the participation of merchants from Malaysia’s small & medium enterprise is substantial leading to us being able to be hands on in our mission to actively increase the socio-economic standings of these SMEs merchants while also assisting consumers in making the most out of their financial resources.