Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is iSYNERGY's core business?

A: iSYNERGY provides advertisers with performance-based marketing solutions and access to a variety of affiliate programs to help them harness the value of consumers data. Through its leading network of affiliates/publishers: Affiliate Junction, iSYNERGY connects businesses/advertisers with their intended target audiences/consumers to drive product/brand awareness and generate leads.

Q: Where is iSYNERGY’s corporate office?

A: iSYNERGY’s corporate office is located at: Unit 20-10, Tower A, The Vertical Business Suite, Avenue 3, Bangsar South, No.8 Jalan Kerinchi, 59200, Kuala Lumpur

Q: When was iSYNERGY founded?

A: iSYNERGY was founded in 2008.

Q: How can I purchase iSYNERGY shares?

A: For more information on the purchase of shares, the interested investors may liase with broker representatives on trading on Australia Stock Exchange (ASX) for purchase of iSYNERGY shares with the stock code – IS3. Below are some stock brokers trading on ASX: At Australia

  • Novus Capital
  • Patersons Securities
  • At Malaysia
  • CIMB iTrade
  • Hong Leong ebroking
  • RHB Invest
  • Q: When is iSYNERGY’s financial year end?

    A: iSYNERGY financial year end is 31st December.

    Q: How can I be notified of important announcement and corporate development?

    A: You can subscribe to iSYNERGY’s mailing list to receive email alerts to receive alerts about important announcements and events. Alternatively, you may access the ASX website to stay updated with announcements.

    Q: How do I subscribe shares under the initial public offering (IPO)?

    A: Australian applicants All Application Forms must be completed in accordance with the instructions accompanying the Application Form and must be accompanied by a cheque in Australian dollars for the full amount of the application being $0.20 per Share. Cheques must be made payable to “I Synergy Group Limited – Subscription Account” and should be crossed “Not Negotiable”.

    Q: What is the minimum amount of investment?

    A: Applications under the Offer must be for a minimum of 10,000 Shares (i.e. $2,000), in multiple of 5,000 Shares (i.e. $1,000).

    Q: What is IPO price of the Shares?

    A: The Shares will be floated on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) at A$0.20.

    Q: When will I know if my application was successful?

    A: Holding statements confirming allocations under the Offer will be sent to successful applicants as required by ASX. Holding statements are expected to be issued to Shareholders on or about 18 December 2016.

    Q: What is the minimum age to subscribe for the Shares?

    A: The applicants must be above 18 years of age and has full legal capacity and power to perform all of its rights and obligations under the Application Form.

    Q: What if the Offering fails to achieve minimum subscription?

    A: No Shares will be issued until the Offer has reached the Minimum Subscription. Subject to any extension, if the Minimum Subscription has not been achieved within 4 months of the date of this Prospectus, all Application Monies will be refunded without interest in accordance with the Corporations Act.

    Q: Will I receive any share certificate?

    A: All trading on the ASX in Shares will be settled through CHESS. ASX Settlement, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ASX, operates CHESS in accordance with the Listing Rules and the ASX Settlement Operating Rules. On behalf of the Company, the Share Registry will operate an electronic issuer sponsored sub-register and an electronic CHESS sub-register. The 2 sub-registers together make up the Company’s principal register of securities. Under CHESS, the Company does not issue certificates to Shareholders. Rather, holding statements (similar to bank statements) will be sent to Shareholders as soon as practicable after Shares are issued. Holding statements will be sent either by CHESS (for Shareholders who elect to hold Shares on the CHESS sub-register) or by the Company’s Share Registry (for Shareholders who elect to hold their Shares on the issuer sponsored sub-register).

    Q: How do I trade the Shares on ASX after the floating?

    A: The successful applicants may choose to open up share trading accounts through the sponsoring broker Novus Capital Ltd by completing the attached ANZ V2+ Broking Account Form. (with ANZ Bank account opened up) Non-Australian residents are able to so with formal photographic ID (certified by a Notary Public) such as a Passport accompanying the completed Application Form for individual accounts, which once established will be issued with a Holder Identification Number (HIN) which is allocated to all securities owned by the Holder under Broker Sponsorship. Brokerage amount: Minimum $80 (plus GST) or 1.0% total value of trade. For more details, please contact Novus Capital Ltd, +61 3 8602 1700. Alternative, non-Australian residents can trade with their local brokers (i.e. Malaysia) in buying/selling their Shares on ASX with the unique SRN number they have on holding statement for settlement purpose. There are some Malaysian brokers offering trading on ASX.