Affiliate Junction is the proprietary affiliate marketing platform by iSYNERGY. Launched in 2010, Affiliate Junction offers affiliate marketing solutions to advertisers and affiliates through a single platform

Advertisers offer affiliates commissions via Affiliate Junction in exchange for promoting their products and services to users. Advertisers can access a range of online and offline affiliate programs to connect with affiliates in order to effectively target users.

Affiliate Junction automatically tracks and reports on each campaign’s success providing powerful insights to the advertiser. Each affiliate receives structured training and support to help them maximise their performance. Affiliate Junction is a full service system that swiftly and simply manages all affiliate and advertiser activities using the platform. Affiliate Junction has been developed over a period of 6 years and includes a number of capabilities set out below.

Real-time tracking and insight

Affiliates can view all activities in real time. When a transaction occurs, it is securely recorded in the system and the affiliate is provided instant insight into their progress and performance through their own portal and dashboard.


Effective communication tools

Affiliate Junction is equipped with software that allows affiliates to effectively and efficiently connect with advertisers and consumers.


Payment management

Successful affiliate promotional activities are incentivised by advertisers and I Synergy provides a secure tool to manage the entire process. The system incorporates a payment capability to enable advertisers to efficiently reward affiliates for successful transactions.


Effective advertiser targeting

Advertisers using Affiliate Junction are categorised by industry. Consumers using Affiliate Junction are categorised by demography. Through filtering options and sophisticated search capabilities, affiliates are able to effectively target consumers and participate in campaigns that are suited to their areas of expertise.


Database analysis

All data procured by affiliates on advertisers and consumers is systematically and securely documented on a centralised database. Affiliates are then provided with the functionality to analyse previous campaigns to improve their services and inform future business decisions.