iSYNERGY offers a number of affiliate programs that can be accessed via Affiliate Junction. Each program connects consumers and merchants and enables the merchant to access valuable consumer purchasing data, adding real value to their marketing strategy. The diagram below illustrates the structure of Affiliate Junction.


Retail Loyalty Reward Program – MSS

MyKad Smart Shopper

MyKad Smart Shopper (MSS) was the first offline retail program offered via Affiliate Junction. MSS enables registered Malaysian identity cardholders to enjoy a range of rewards and offers at participating advertisers’ businesses, and in turn, affiliates are rewarded with incentives for successfully promoting the advertisers campaign.

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Franchise Network – RNAP

Retail Network Affiliate Program

iSYNERGY launched its Retail Network Affiliate Program (RNAP) on Affiliate Junction in 2014. RNAP offers retailers a network of affiliates to promote their brands and help recruit new partners. The launch of RNAP helped build Affiliate Junction’s affiliate base to 10,000 affiliates by the end of 2014.

MSS Online Platform – SmartSaver

SmartSaver – Shop Smart, Save Smart

In 2016, MSS was expanded to include an online shopping platform, SmartSaver. SmartSaver is a online retail program that enables MSS registered cardholders to enjoy retail privileges at the online participating advertisers, including Lazada, Zalora, Groupon and Agoda. Affiliates are rewarded with incentives for driving results to the advertisers.


Sports & Recreational Hub – SAN

Sports Access Network

iSYNERGY launched its Sports Access Network (SAN) in May 2016. SAN is a  event or create their own sport event. Affiliates are then incentivised for their efforts in referring individuals and event organisers to participate in the relevant sport event.