The potential of the affiliate marketing network for advertisers is not only limited to participation of the available programs crafted by iSYNERGY. Any company from any industry that seeks to leverage on Affiliate Junction’s network of affiliates could engage us as collaborative partners with their own promotional objectives and/or activities in which AJ network would provide an already established marketing tool and system that could be customised to fit market needs.

Below are some of the project-based collaborations we have executed:

Cathay AJ Movie Voucher Affiliate

Cathay Cineplexes offered special movie pass affiliate program to AJ affiliates. Affiliates can resell the special movie pass to public and earn commission through this voucher affiliate program, while customers enjoyed special F&B privileges at participating Cathay Cineplexes outlets.

MRCA-EON Bank Credit Card

Affiliate Junction was the exclusive affiliate network for MRCA-EON bank credit card promotion. AJ affiliates can participate in credit card applications referral as well as participating retail merchant referral and earn approval incentives as well as recurring retail transaction incentives.

Tune Talk

Tune Talk, the fastest growing mobile network operator in Malaysia, leveraged on Affiliate Junction as a marketing channel to increase the number of its service subscribers. The collaboration led to AJ’s affiliates earning commission by advertising and selling Tune Talk’s starter packs and prepaid cards to the nation’s mobile users.